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Top Seven Things Leaders Do . . . . (a work in progress!)

posted Oct 13, 2013, 3:53 PM by Waterville School

“Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy” – Stephen Covey

  • Be Proactive
    • Reach out to staff and begin to build relationships right away (ex. schedule short meetings with individual or small groups of staff before school starts – just listen!)
    • Know and understand the mission and vision of the district and the history behind the development of these beliefs
    • “Carry your own weather” and be the positive face of the district everyday! 
  • Begin With the End in Mind
    • Work with the Board to develop 3 or 4 meaningful, intentional, student based & data driven goals that all stakeholders can agree on (staff, parents, business leaders, etc.)
    • Establish board norms and operating procedures that will clarify and streamline board communication, work, meetings and expectations.
    • Embrace and model the district’s mission and vision statements – they should be visible, known and understood by everyone, and the foundation of everything the district does
  • Put First Things First
    • Be engaged with kids, staff, and community during the school day; read and answer emails, phone calls, etc. early in the morning or after the school day
    • Make building and maintaining relationships a priority every day
    • On going communication – establish your system early on and don’t deviate from it
    • Be seen in classrooms, in hallways, at events, and in the community.
  • Think Win-Win
    • Ask staff and the Board about the method and frequency of regular communication from you (ex: our staff wants to have daily email from me, which outlines the “big rocks” for the day and the upcoming week – I send this out before 7:30 am each day. The Board has requested weekly emails and more frequent ) 
    • Ask for input (from students, staff, parents, board, community) before making decisions that affect any of your stakeholders
    • Review board policies and procedures – be prepared to revise if necessary; these are the foundation of how you do business
    • Be transparent, visible, available, and positive.
  • Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
    • LISTEN before you talk!
    • Listen with your eyes, ears, and your heart! This kind of listening brings communication to a powerful level!
  • Synergize
    • Take good ideas and making them better by working with others.
    • Share leadership roles with those who have specific skills and passion for district initiatives
    • Find people and organizations who have more expertise than you and learn to ask for help
      • NCESD – SAC colleagues
      • WASA
      • WASDA – board policy review and revision support
  • Sharpen The Saw
    • Prioritize family, friends and faith time to bring balance to your life
    • Taking care of yourself will help you take care of others
    • Attend as many school functions as you can – but make it part of “Sharpening The Saw” by attending with family and friends