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What is Happening at Waterville School During the Summer?

posted Jun 20, 2013, 5:34 PM by Waterville School
By the weather, it is hard to tell it is almost the official first day of summer!  I know the rain and cool weather is making our wheat farmers happy, but the kids at the pool this afternoon didn't look very happy!  The forecast is for clearing skies, so I think we will see summer weather soon!
Although our students are home for the summer, we are hard at work in the buildings, preparing for a new school year!  Secretaries, Custodians, and Administrators are busy finishing up one school year and planning for the new year, which will start for students on September 5.  Here are a few things that we are working on during June, July and August:
  • Construction crews are arriving and beginning the replacement of our buildings heating/cooling and lighting systems.  In the fall, we will have a state of the art, computer controlled H/VAC system that will provide a safe, comfortable learning environment for our students and staff all year.  New lights will also help enhance our classrooms and work spaces, provide a healthier learning environment, and be much more energy efficient.
    • Weekly construction review meetings are held each Wednesday throughout the project
  • Custodians and maintenance staff have assessed the facility needs and planned an intensive summer time work schedule.  The goal is to have all of the facilities ready for students when they arrive in September and to continue preventive maintenance to safeguard your investment in the Waterville School buildings.
  • State and federal reports are being completed for last school year and reports and grant documents are being completed for the upcoming school year.
  • Supply orders are being completed to ensure that teachers and students have materials that they need on the first day of school.
  • New students are being registered in all grades.
  • Student and staff handbooks are being revised and updated for the new year.
  • Staff are being hired to fill personnel needs throughout the district.
  • District budget work is being done in preparation for a new budget proposal in July.
  • District Procedures are being revised to match our recently revised and newly adopted District Policies.  These will soon be available on our school website.
  • Teachers and administrators are attending summer professional development opportunities in preparation for the new school year;
    • Advanced Placement training (teachers)
    • Rater Reliability training (principals)
    • State conferences (counselor)
Those are a few of the many things that are going on at Waterville School during the summer months.  Please call anytime and stop by for a visit - I can be reached at 745-8585 or on my cell phone at 699-1424.  I look forward to visiting and sharing all of the exciting things that we are looking forward to during the 2013-14 school year!
Cathi Nelson, Superiendent
Waterville School District